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If you need to transport a car within Europe and the CIS, the auto-loads car transport exchange is your strong ally. Even if you yourself transport cars by a transporter, with auto-loads everything is faster, simpler and more efficient.

Auto-loads offers you 4 main car transportation services. If you have a car which needs to be transported somewhere, you may find a transporter or post an ad on the exchange announcing that you are looking for a transporter. If you have a transporter and are looking for a load, at the exchange you may find a load you need or post an ad that you are in search of a load. Here everything is simple as 2x2, and you receive 4 services.

In addition to these four services, we also provide additional options, such as the general picture of transport flows, continuous information on transport prices and destinations as well as market participants. At our exchange, everything is found in one place.

The auto-loads car transport exchange, set up in 2008, is designed for you as a tool helping to choose:

  1. The most professional carrier;
  2. Pay the best price for transportation;
  3. Transport cars without waiting in queues;
  4. Transport cars continuously, without being idle;
  5. Monitor the market’s fluctuations and changes;
  6. Monitor long-term and newly emerging market participants;
  7. Offer your services to the most extensive car carriers’ group;
  8. Know who transports, how much it costs and what are the destinations;
  9. And have a convenient access to all that information.

Every year, increasingly more participants join our exchange, therefore, the volume of information grows. The supply and the demand expand. You receive more and more, while we work to ensure that you receive increasingly more and only what is relevant to you.